Video For Every Step:

Bluejay creates the exact message your policyholders need to see when they need to see it, and helps answer questions before directing them to their next best action.

New Customer Onboarding
CAT Notifications
Claims Journey
FNOL Claims
Post-Inspection Claims
Claims Settlement
The Value of

Personalized Video

What if you could clone your best employee and have them lead customer service around the clock? With Bluejay, the next best thing is possible with automatic, smart video delivery.

Bluejay’s personalized video is better than regular video. It personally involves the customer and is created automatically with their name, personalized audio narratives and on-screen policy data. Plus, it can be customized to reflect other variables like peril, time of day or geographic location.  

Above all, if you feel like you are drowning in calls, a personalized video from Bluejay can decrease inbound calls by up to 42%.


Reach out through video at critical customer touchpoints:

- Onboarding
- Claims Handling
- Catastrophe and Crisis Communications
- Renewals

Bluejay operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with unlimited capacity.

How Does it Work?

Bluejay is a user-friendly, web-based tool that gives you control to:

Manage your data
Utilize templates
Deploy campaigns
Upload contacts
Customize content and branding
Work independently of your IT team
Pre-Built Templates

We’ve Done the Work

Instead of investing large amounts of time and money starting from zero, we built a launch pad to quick success. Wardlaw Digital has combined our own experience and that of fellow carriers to carefully develop content for each touch point of the policyholder journey.

These first-class videos are sent for about the same price as a first-class letter. Ready to deploy?


Next Steps

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