What is the difference between a smart video and a personalized video?
What are the benefits of Bluejay’s personalized videos?

When using Bluejay, even if during the free pilot, you will see how dynamic the personalized videos are. We will customize the videos to reflect your logo and branding (like color scheme). We also will update the audio narrative to include your company name. We use real voice talent, not a computer, so policyholders have an authentic experience.

Can I edit the templates to adjust the message?

Wardlaw Digital has developed content for each touch point of your customer’s journey based on a combination of our experience and fellow carriers. You are able to use these videos from day 1. However, these templates are easily customizable to your desired message, delivery and brand. The level of personalization is up to you! If you want to customize the content or messages, the possibilities are endless. You can set up a meeting with our team and we will go over exactly what you are looking for.

Is there a limit on how many videos I send?

No, and we know that is especially valuable when sending marketing messages, or even communicating during a catastrophe. If you need to send out quick, personalized messages to thousands of policyholders at once, we have your back. You upload your .csv file and Bluejay handles it from there.

How can you personalize thousands of videos so quickly?

Personalizing messages at scale doesn’t mean you have to spend time inputting large amounts of data. You can easily upload your .csv files with your policyholder information and Bluejay will take care of the rest! The data is managed automatically, not manually by you or your team.

What is the cost of Bluejay?

For less than the cost of a first-class letter per video, Bluejay allows you to engage customers at scale with unlimited users. Purchasing Bluejay means no subscription, no contract or commitment and absolutely no risk. You’ll pay only the emails you send each month, optimizing your ROI in real time.

To learn more, start by visiting our Pricing page

Can I try Bluejay before I make any purchases?

Yes! And we hope that you will. The best way to see exactly how Bluejay can effortlessly connect you with your policyholders is to try it out firsthand. Pilot Bluejay for free for 30 days and see one video in action with your customer base. Plus, try out all of the videos internally to see how it could work with your communications. Above all, there is no obligation or commitment, so it’s really a no brainer.

Pilot Bluejay
Does Bluejay require IT involvement?

Bluejay is a web-based tool that requires no IT intervention. It is easy to set up, easy to learn and even easier to use by anyone on your team no matter their level of tech savvy. However, if you want Bluejay to integrate into your systems, we can work directly with your IT department.