The Value of Video

What are the cold, hard facts surrounding the value of video with your customers? It turns out, it’s not surprising at all that engagement skyrockets when using personalized video.

Your Challenge:

Scale Customer Service

In a perfect world, your customers would be experts of their own policy and you would have unlimited time and resources to talk them through everything life throws at them.

Yet, we know no one reads his or her policy until it is actually needed, because for most people, insurance is hard to understand. And when catastrophe hits, you’re hit with an overwhelming call volume.


Data-Driven Solutions

Keep it Personal

Did you know 80% of customers would rather watch a video about their insurance than read their policy? With personalized video, customers see your message in real time with their name, their policy or claim status data-- both on screen and through audio narrative. The best news? That leads to 50% engagement compared to non-personalized videos.

Keep it Short

No one has time to manually personalize thousands of videos every day, so Bluejay does it automatically. 92% of customers said their next steps were clear after watching their personalized video. A vast majority of your policyholders know exactly how to move forward.

Keep it Scaled

While videos are known to be more engaging than email and letters, viewers will abandon a video that is too long. That is why Bluejay videos average only about 2 minutes each and still deliver answers to your policyholder’s biggest questions.

With retention as high as 120%, your customer will see your entire message (at least once), and that means they can, and will, act on it. And that can multiply the effectiveness of your message by 2 - 4X.

Results like call deflection, up-sell conversion, customer retention and increased JDPower and NPS scores are in your future with Bluejay.

There are More

Key Benefits:

Reduced Call Volume
There isn’t enough time in the day to answer every call and every question. Many customers would prefer to get the information they need online on their own time too. Personalized videos can decrease inbound calls by up to 42%, and that is a win-win for everyone.

Improved Digital Engagement
Emails sent with smart videos have seen an increase in click-through rate by 200%! That’s less wasted time for you, and added confidence that your customers are seeing the messages you send them.

The Added Touch
Personalized video brings back the human side to customer service in a fast-paced, digital world. Whether faced with filing a claim or staying safe during a catastrophe, Bluejay will help you remind your customers they are not alone. Now, you can give one-on-one attention to an unlimited number of policyholders all at once.

See for Yourself

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