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The Cost of Bluejay

Highly valuable communication doesn’t have to come with an intimidating price. Personalized, dynamic videos are automatically delivered to your policyholders for less than the cost of a first-class letter. Not to mention it’s way faster and far more engaging.

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Bluejay’s Value

As a Bluejay user, you will...
•  Engage customers at scale with unlimited users and no minimums
•  Quickly deliver answers to common questions
•  Reduce inbound phone calls
•  Minimize confusion and maximize customer satisfaction
•  Skyrocket your JDP and NPS scores

Purchasing Bluejay means no subscription, no contract or commitment and absolutely no risk. You’ll pay only the emails you send each month, optimizing your ROI in real time.

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We are here to help you use your time efficiently. The best way to see exactly how Bluejay can effortlessly connect you with your policyholders is to try it out firsthand.

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Free Bluejay access, training and easy setup
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Unlimited internal usage...forever
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